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Fan Site

Hey guys,

For those of you who don't know, I am currently developing a Fan Site for Omnisoul. The date set for completion of the Fan Site is 1.31.2005.

This your chance to get your Omnisoul stuff up on the Web. If you have pictures from shows, buddy icons, artwork like banners, etc., send it, and I will give you credit under the artwork and on the Site Info page. I know some of you love making artwork on your computer, so why not get it up on the VERY FIRST OMNISOUL FAN SITE?! Even if you've made physical Omnisoul artwork, we can scan it and get it up there. :)

The main links on the page are Sights (art, buddyicons, live pics, press pics, and "Omniverse," which will ideally be scanned images of handwritten lyrics and such), Sounds (lyrics and links to MP3s), About Them (Personal Bios), News, and Links.

Hope to hear from you ( :)

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