Geoff Matt (gmatlp17) wrote in omnisoul,
Geoff Matt

Whats YOUR favorite Omnisoul song???

Yo guys what's up! Just shakin it up in herrr. Whats all y'all's favorite Omnisoul song? Reply to me, my fellow playas, lets get some sort of wicked argument going!! Besides, it seems like some genius just made a really cool and really fun poll over on the Omnisoul Group page, so if you're a member go vote! And if you're not, get off your sorry ass and join the group, and THEN vote! So let the games begin!!

groups link:

p.s. - here's one vote for Home to Home!
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"My Own."
If I'm forced to choose, it has to be 'No More Love Songs'
All right, well, I have like 10 as of this moment. However, when I first got the CD, "Feel What You Want" was my initial fav. So, I'll stick with that. However, "In the Dark" and "The Greater You" are also two of my favs. Not to mention the countless other songs and new material kicking ass.