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What's Going on With Our Boys?

Hey everyone!

I hope all of you are doing very well.  Some awesome things are happening for Omnisoul right now and I just wanted to let everyone know!

**"Waiting (save your life)"**
Omnisoul's "Waiting" is currently being added to radio stations around the country.  Pretty soon we're all going to need to jump onto the request bandwagon to help our boys out.  Not only should you request, but have friends and family (especially those in cities across the country) request at their local radio stations!  Talk to people on MySpace and other forums...get people interested.  This is going to be huge!

The guys are still in NYC recording their oh-so-anticipated debut album with Wind-up.  Everything's going well, and they are very excited for us all to hear the new songs!  It's going to be killer, guys!  Be sure to check out the Studio Journal for updates.

**Official Site**
Check out for some awesome new press pics of our boys!  Look out for the new website which should be up next week!

I hope everyone's going to make it out to the show next Monday.  Here's the info:
June 20, 2005 @ 7:00PM
Mercury Lounge
217 East Houston Street, NY, NY
Ages: (21+)
Cover Charge: $8

**Fantastic Four, Fantasic Four, FANTASTIC FOUR**
Our boys are on the soundtrack!  Pick up the album on July 5 and check out the movie July 8!

There may be a very cool surprise coming up at the end of July for Omnisoul fans!  I'll keep you posted, but definitely get excited!!

Start spreading the word, everyone!  Let's help get Omnisoul jump-started into total world domination.

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