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It's coming 7.05.05!

Fantastic 4: The Album is in stores Tuesday, July 5, 2005 and we've got the final track listing for the CD.

Check it out:

1. Velvet Revolver – “Come On Come In”
2. Taking Back Sunday – “Error Operator”
3. Chingy – “Relax”
4. Joss Stone - “Whatever Happened to the Heroes”
5. Omnisoul – “Waiting (save your life)”
6. Ryan Cabrera – “Always Come Back To You”
7.Ben Moody featuring Anastacia – “Everything Burns”
8. Miri Ben-Ari f/ P. Monch – “New World Symphony”
9. Megan McCauley – “Die For You”
10. Sum 41 – “Noots”
11. Simple Plan – “Surrender”
12. T.F.F. – “I’ll Take You Down”
13. Lloyd Banks – “On Fire”
14. Megan McCauley – “Reverie”
15. Breaking Point – “Goodbye To You”
16. Alter Bridge – “Shed My Skin”
17. Submersed – “In Due Time”
18. Loser – “Disposable Sunshine”
19. Miss Eighty 6 featuring Classic – “Now You Know”
20. Orange Range – “Kirikirimai (Fantastic Four Remix)”

Can't wait to hear the songs? You don't have to!
Click here
to preview the CD now or go to

"Everything Burns" VIDEO
"Everything Burns" byEvanescence founding member Ben Moody featuring Anastacia is the first single and video.

Click here now to check out the video or go to to watch it.
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