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Omnisoul Bio:
Omnisoul was formed in Newark, Delaware, in the Spring of 2002. Comprised of University of Delaware students and alumni, the band members include Derek Fuhrmann (vocals/guitar), Tyler Ingersoll (drums), Shawn Manigly (guitar), Josh Berger (bass), and Jamie Orlando (keyboards).

After only two years of playing together, Omnisoul has grown by leaps and bounds. They've opened for national touring acts Live, Sugar Ray, and The Samples, and have hit the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Phil Nicolo, who mixed their debut album "Happy Outside." The self-released CD has consistently been a Top 10 seller at Delaware's Rainbow Records since its release in August 2004 - helping it appear in issue 959 of Rolling Stone Magazine. It continues to get radio airplay throughout Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, and recently made an appearance on CBS's "Joan of Arcadia."

During live performances, whether the band is rocking out to "Home to Home," or playing their crowd favorite, "Waiting (Save Your Life)," they manage to transfer the emotion in each song directly to the audience. The band has a rapidly growing fanbase mainly concentrated in an area between Delaware, Philadelphia, and NYC, and will continue to spread their words and sounds to whomever will listen.

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